"I have worked with Angie for the past four years and her focus, dedication and enthusiasm for Pilates are inspiring. She loves to be challenged and is always looking to go beyond what she already knows. All of these qualities that make her a great student, make her an even greater instructor. Her extensive instructor training combined with her compassion, kindness, sense of humor and love for Pilates will benefit anyone who is lucky enough to work with her."

- Elizabeth Rice Connors, Pilates Instructor / Align & Define Pilates

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"Angie is one of the most dedicated thorough, caring and knowledgeable Pilates instructors you will come by. I had the pleasure to be her certification teacher at Pilates Sports Center and I knew already after our first session together that she was going to be great. Little did I know that she was actually going to be fantastic! Angie always strives to be the best that she can be. She has a true passion for continuing to learn and grow to help her clients achieve their goals. You should be very lucky if you have the chance to train with her."

- Helena Talman, Master Trainer / Pilates Sports Center


"I wanted to start doing Pilates at my own speed with one instructor. I needed consistency and repetition. That's when I started working with Angie. It's been amazing! She took the time to introduce me to Pilates, explained what it is, how it started, what the equipment is and how it works. Most importantly, she took the time to talk to me about what I wanted out of my time with her. She made me feel comfortable and I was immediately excited to learn! Every time I go into a session, it's different; and, she has a great way of communicating the lesson plan for the day and giving me the confidence to do the work! I leave with a sense of accomplishment and I'm always excited to come back. She pushes me in a way that gives me energy without feeling rushed or drained. I always wanted to try Pilates, but never found the courage to do so, until now. Angie is a great instructor and educator of the craft. I work with her 2 times a week. I feel great! Not only do I want to go to Pilates, but need it in my life."

- Albert Aviles, Client