Self-Care September

Note From Angie

The kids are back-to-school. Whoo hoo! And, while I absolutely cherish hot summer days and long summer nights, my girls do extremely well with the consistency of their regularly scheduled school routines. So, we have one happy mama and two VERY happy little girls over here.

That being said, I have some time to reset this September, and self-care is at the top of my list. For me, self-care means taking a moment to stop and THINK about what my body needs. I’m a bit of a list fanatic. Okay, I sort of LOVE lists. It’s crazy. More than that, though, I REALLY love the satisfaction of crossing things off said lists.

Here goes ...


☐ Drink more water 💧

☐ Eat more fruits & veggies (peace out BBQ season)

☐ Schedule doctor/dentist appointments (insert eye roll here)

☐ Go for a run and BREATHE some fresh non-A/C air STAT!

☐ DO. THE. WORK. GIRL. Get upside down again on the Cadillac again… and SOON! 💪

☐ Meet girlfriends ❤️ for coffee ☕ 

☐ Read ‘No Walls and the Recurring Dream’ by Ani DiFranco 🙌


Phew. Okay, now it’s on "paper,” which means it’s FOR REAL!

If fitness and mindfulness are at the top of YOUR self-care list, make some time to swing by the studio for a session!


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