Bye Bye July


Note From Angie

As we head into the final stretch of summer, I wanted to take a few moments to say ‘Thank You’ to everyone for the overwhelming amount of support you’ve shown me over the past few months.  I’ve been working hard at making the studio a fun, safe, private and Zen space for everyone to practice!   
This summer I’ve been holding down the fort and living vicariously through each and every one of you and the amazing posts/photos from YOUR summer travels!  I hope that wherever you are in the world right now, you’re filling your bucket with laughter, sunshine, beach days, BBQ’s, family and friends!    
What are you doing to stay in shape this summer?  Take a hike, stroll on the beach, paddleboard, go for a swim, chase your kids in the sand or around the backyard!  Whatever you’re doing to stay in shape this summer, KEEP DOING IT!!!   Stay hydrated, stretch often and continue to work those muscles!   When the dust settles from an epic summer of fun and you’re back to school and/or work, your body will thank you!  
I designed this monthly newsletter as a way to stay in touch and to share updates re: promotions, class schedules, booking info, new instructors, etc.   However, I’m also eager to get some feedback from YOU!   Want me to add night and weekend classes?  Is a private session at the crack of dawn more your speed?  Interested in seeing some wellness pop-up events at the studio?  If there is demand, I will do my best to meet it as quickly as possible.  Email me and let’s keep in touch!  
Happy summer!
Angie xo

Instructor Spotlight

Elizabeth is a native New Yorker who graduated from N.Y.U with a BA in Liberal Arts.  She stayed active in New York by running, hiking and doing yoga. After moving to Los Angeles and during her pregnancy, she began experiencing back problems.  Through Pilates, she was able to eliminate lower back pain.  This inspired her to become a Certified Pilates Instructor in 2009. In her over 10 years as an instructor, Elizabeth has worked with clients from 14 to 84 years old.  Elizabeth’s passion for what she does is best described in her own words: “I love to work with people on achieving their goals whether short term or long term.  Staying strong, correcting imbalances and increasing the quality of life is my focus.  Being a positive part of my client’s day is such a rewarding experience.”

Available for Private and Duet Sessions:
MON: 8:15AM;  3:15PM;  4:15PM
TUE: 11:00AM
WED: 8:15AM; 11:15AM
THU: 10:15AM; 2:00PM-4:00PM
FRI: 1:00PM

Summer Promotion ☀️

- August classes begin Monday, 8/5
- All classes are 50 minutes long
- All classes can be reserved online & payment will be accepted at your first class
- Sign-ups close 24hrs prior to class start time
- 24hr cancellation policy