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Kari Adwell

Dedicated to the Pilates method since 2008

Kari has been a dedicated student of the Pilates method since 2008, when taking duets with a friend became undeniably addictive.  She earned her comprehensive Pilates certification in 2013, under the tutelage of 2nd generation master instructor, Risa Sheppard (The Sheppard Method); and, immediately began teaching at The Pilates Studio Glendale, where she grew her knowledge and confidence over the next 5 years.  In 2015 she immersed herself in Stretch Therapy (Kit Laughlinʼs Stretch Therapy Method) via 2nd generation instructor, Shannon Schroeder.  Kari now develops and teaches her own Stretch Therapy workshops based on Kitʼs method.  Kari has extensive experience teaching various client populations from pre/post natal, those recovering from knee and hip injuries and/or surgeries, to those who need help managing the general neck and back stress caused by day to day city living and commuting.  She believes in the rehabilitative nature of both modalities and feels that movement is a gift we must maintain.  Her goal in working with clients is to teach them to value movement, and to understand how important it is to their overall health and well-being. Moreover, she appreciates the community that Pilates encourages.  Kari continues to sharpen her knowledge and understanding of movement with regular continuing education.

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Irene Loconto

Dedicated to the Pilates method since 2000

For Irene, a life-long ballet dancer, her first encounter with Pilates left her intrigued.  She began her teacher training in 2000 when she met master teacher, Jill Cassady of Pilates Technique.  She realized what a tremendous role Pilates played in her discipline - that of developing her core strength. “My biggest personal success was finally gaining abdominal strength,” she enthuses. “My whole life prior to Pilates, I could never do sit-ups or anything that required the use of my abs!  It has helped me tremendously with my overall strength in ballet.”  As a ballet dancer, Irene has a deep understanding of technique and precision - the very things she loves about Classical Pilates. She loves how the focus on technique transforms the body. “That’s when you really see and feel a change.”  Irene wants her students not only to do the exercises, but also to understand why they’re doing them.  She prides herself on being present with her students during a session to ensure each student gets the most out of the Classical system and every exercise.  Irene prides herself on helping students gain strength.  “My goals are to really make my clients understand what they are doing, and to really break a sweat.”  Irene believes in practicing what she preaches and is extremely disciplined.  She regularly works herself out 3 times a week, in addition to ballet classes, and has continued her own education studying regularly with master teacher Jill Cassady.